Fabrication Solutions and HVAC Services for Gladstone, Oregon

Our ductwork conforms to SMACNA standards, and whether we’re selling it or installing it,
our ductwork always embodies the pride of craftmanship.

Quality Standards and Craftmanship

Just Right is a member of SMACNA and all its ductwork meets SMACNA standards. We have invested in state-of-the-art production equipment, but just as important to our quality is the experienced Local 16 Sheet Metal workers who fashion custom fittings the “old-fashioned” way. Expect a quick turn-around and expert craftsmanship in Gladstone OR when you order your fittings from Just Right.


Square Duct Fabrication in Gladstone, OR

Just Right offers custom fabrication services in Gladstone for industrial, commercial, and custom HVAC projects. We use a 2017 Iowa Precision Pro-Ductomatic Front-End Coil Line for helping us meet large commercial orders for square duct, making for a quick turn-around time. We produce square duct in gauges from 14 to 26, in metals such as steel, aluminum, galvanneal, stainless steel, black iron, and more. We can do it all from design to installation.  Contact us about becoming a part of your supply chain.


Spiral Duct Fabrication near Gladstone, Oregon

Of all duct, spiral (or round duct) transports air most efficiently in an HVAC system, and Just Right produces it in a range of sizes from 4” to 102,” in gauges from 28 to 14.


Custom Fittings

Just Right offers custom fabrication services in Gladstone, Oregon for industrial and custom ductwork projects. Goosenecks, elbows, 45’s, flanged or not, cross-broken, beaded, reinforced (or not), hangers, and more—we can supply just about any need. Just Right can visit your job site to help problem-solve your particular HVAC challenge. Let us help you design a custom fitting. Your order can be delivered or made available for pick-up.


Custom Fabrication in Gladstone, OR

At Just Right Heating & Cooling, we offer custom fabrication services in Gladstone, Oregon to help you cut, shape, and mold materials for your industrial or custom projects. We’re able to produce metal products in a variety of shapes and sizes, and in multiple materials as well. 


Sheet Metal Fabrication for Gladstone, Oregon

We use metal plasma cutting services and made-to-order sheet metal fabrication for all of your projects. All of our fabrication is high-quality to match any project you have in mind, even large-scale commercial projects or custom work. With our experience and technology, we’re capable of building anything from ductwork fittings to stainless steel or even commercial grease ducts.


Commercial Stainless Steel Fabrication Services

It’s important to keep your business operating in peak condition. Regardless of whether you have a chemical plant or a food-processing plant, you need proper fabrication solutions to fit your building. We’re able to design our sheet metal to the exact needs of your business. We even offer emergency repair services in case something goes wrong or you need a quick fix after hours.


Commercial Fabrication and Repair Services

Not only do we offer commercial fabrication services, but we also work on repairs during and after regular business hours. From commercial furnace to AC repair, our technicians have the tools and skills to keep your HVAC system running smoothly and efficiently for years to come.


Industrial Ductwork Fabrication

We perform any range of custom projects, including custom industrial ductwork throughout Gladstone, Oregon. These ducts can move air or gas through an industrial facility at high temperatures. With such specific conditions and designs, you need your industrial ductwork to be designed just for your particular project.


From Custom Fittings To Large-Scale Industrial Rebuilds,
Just Right Provides Innovative Solutions.

Just Right gets it done right.